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14 March 2018 Published in Blog Written by 


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Let's Talk Videos - Boost Your Corporate Comms

Given today’s technology there’s a broad spectrum of approaches to your communications toolkit. Traditional printed promotional materials are costly, consume time to produce and often aren’t widely read because people won’t stop long enough to read them. Everyone wants to see “bits and bytes” of information that fit into their busy day.  .

That means, anything beyond two or three paragraphs frequently get set aside or tossed. Ouch!

Videos help you supplement emails and other marketing tools. They promote and generate interest in your product, service and brand. New research shows that when including the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces un-subscribers by 26%, according to recent studies. Another study reports that when using a video thumbnail rather than an image boosted the email engagement up to 300% in click through rates. Hmmm.

What About Content?

First, determine what the videos are intended to achieve. A successful video should fit into your marketing mix and align with content and overall theme continuity. How you use videos depends on your type of business and the services or products you offer. Topics structure often includes:

  • Showoff. A video is a powerful way to give people a sense of how the product or service performs, feels and how it provides a solution to a need.
  • Demo. ‘How-to’ videos give useful information, with details that emphasize your product.
  • Testimonials. Written testimonials create more interest and authenticity if customers share how they use your products or services and why.
  • Frequency. Building a regular audience for your videos enhances new and lasting business prospects.
  • Incentives. Welcome visitors to your site, introducing your team or latest service helps your brand.
  • Expertise. Using videos offering commentary on industry news builds your reputation and establishes your firm as an industry authority.

Short & Sweet

Normally YouTube videos run about 2-3 minutes and include a call to action in the first minute. Videos can be longer - as in “How To” or “Teaching” videos - but liberal use of bullets and related images or graphics is REQUIRED either way. Just remember, viewers pay attention longer if the information actually ‘teaches’ or reveals inciteful or new information … and is also aesthetically appealing.

An economical approach to video construction often begins with a PowerPoint presentation which can easily adapt into a video with voiceover and text flash components. Keep in mind that the whole point of a video is to sustain interest.

Videos posted on social media sites are typically about 90 seconds long. This duration forces you to get straight to the essence, provide useful or unusual insight and insert a strong call to action. Also, make sure that your video title is provocative, riveting, different or unusual. With all the zillions of videos out there, if your title stands out, it will be viewed.

Now, Get Seen

Post your video on Facebook, YouTube channel, or embed it on your website and send out as a blog. Whether you use Twitter chat, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or other online community, it makes sense to post your videos where relevant.

Don’t forget that sales teams in many organizations use videos in lieu of classroom-style training. This approach is effective since videos are watched several times to “learn” or re-emphasize important information. Today, many organizations are making videos a part of almost every aspect of their training and communications toolkit.

Tips to Remember

  1. Try it … you’ll like it
  2. Create the right content
  3. Innovate and always be considerate of your audience

Pat Dwight

Become a stronger voice … And remember that your business can take advantage of video marketing easily and affordably. Contact HQZ to learn more about this topic. Call HQZ to find out a few secrets about analyzing email lists and how best to turn them into your Gold mine. Call 949-454-6149 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this topic.

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