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03 November 2017 Published in Blog Written by 

Getting Attention & Email List Performance

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Let's Assume That You Have A Well-Nurtured Email Database

Let's also assume that you use these emails vigorously to reach those with whom you want and need to communicate regularly. Good. You get a nice Gold Star on your scorecard..

A Goldmine Awaits?

If you have a fledgling company or maybe don't understand the "goldmine" your email list(s) represent to just about every aspect of your business ... let's talk.

Yes, I said gold. Emails are jewels that can be stored in assorted 'buckets' or lists according to what they represent to you. Personal emails are just that - personal. Your personal list should contain family, friends, doctors, dentists, etc. This list is very important to you personally but unlikely to generate any business real opportunities. Use them as intended.

Then there are the 'other' lists. Everyone saves emails differently and the naming conventions mostly define the focus or nature of the emails (who they are and why they gave their email to you). Remember when saving emails in a unique list characterizes something significant about them. Defining your targets wins you greater return!

Because your business is unique, only you or your marketing team can decide the right category distinction (buckets) for these emails. Note: it doesn't matter if one list has only five emails in it - or another has 900. If the emails are unique - and you want this group to always receive your message , or if the message has relevance to their interests - having these emails in properly identified lists allows you to be very specific when you hit the SEND button.

Having Too many lists can also detract from efficiency. Again, you know your prospect targets better than anyone else. And, you can always revise the category titles and/or redistribute them accordingly (when they purchase something from you rather than merely inquire about your products or services.

Email List Quality Matters

Remember, the quality matters more than quantity.  Unless your list(s) contain nuggets, sending to a billion emails won't guarantee positive results.  Reaching the right audience entails the following strategy:

  1. Be relevant to your subscribers. If your email has no relevance to them and thus is never opened, replace that email with one that wants or needs to hear from you.
  2. Keep in mind that the number of email "Bounces" and "Unsubscribe" likely leads to a higher chance of your email becoming "SPAM".

Building and Maintaining Email Lists

  1. Use A Sign-up Form: From your website, blog posts, or social media pages create a sign-up call to action that is both visible and indicates what they registered to receive. 

  2. Use Offline Events: Capture potential clients from events that you host to events that you attend, trade fairs, industry conferences and exhibitions, training or speaking events offer a perfect setting to solicit and collect addresses.

  3. Maintain Email Lists: It's important to maintain your lists - both additions and deletions.  Bounces and undeliverable notices should be reviewed and fixed.  Let them go, they represent false contacts to you and take up space.  When you nurture these notices, your lists will remain in the Gold category. 

    Honor deletes as well.  See who ops out; sometimes these people are worth re-connecting to ascertain why they have decided to stop your messages.  Note: if your "opt outs" increase, you may want to reexamine your message.

Final Thoughts 

I can't end this post without emphasizing the single most important thing about sending out promotional emails.   Your Headline and Sub-head (if used).  If they don't see your headline and open the email, you just struck out.

Consider what you do every day when you open your own inbox.  You look for any customer or client emails first to check for fires or good news.  Then you scan for Hot news on industry trends, appointments, significant messages like birthdays, meetings, etc.
Then, you scan all the other headlines.  We all subscribe to any number of "E-Lerts", and usually scroll through them, depending on our time. Those that are generic or don't grab your attention will be deleted.  Fact!

But, ALL emails that catch your eye get first open!  Generally, short, impactful, funny or alarming, or tantalizing catch your attention first. And There It Is.
Given this inclination, using an enticing headline - whether any of these types mentioned, should be what you incorporate in your email headlines.  Make it appropriate, but for Pete's sake make it compelling.

How to do this is for another article.  But, do yourself a favor and consider ways to shorten and add some WOW or FUN to your headlines today.  Keep building your email lists.  It's good for business.

Call HQZ to find out a few secrets about analyzing email lists and how best to turn them into your Gold mine. Call 949-454-6149 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this topic.

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