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04 November 2016 Published in Blog Written by 

Sorta Like A Bull Ride ... Success Can Be Elusive

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news business  Sorta Like A Bull Ride ... Success Can Be Elusive

Brands may be spending more money on Facebook ads, but the creative effort misses the mark far too often.  Blurred porduct shots and imcomprehensible pitches are everywhere, causing the ad to be ignored or fall to the wayside.

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Creative Facebook Branding:

A Facebook study on the best practices for brand-page postings found that common sense is most frequently missing or ignored by many who know better.
Two of the elements are visual: "focal point" and "noticeability". The other four involve messaging based on "ease of comprehension" to "brand recognition" and whether the advertiser's selling point is achieved with "product attributes" and "direct response".
Findings showed that high ratings in the six elements were predictive market success in brand recall and purchase consideration.
Three Important Aspects:

  1. The image needs an obvious focal point
    •    Focal-point fails are common since the format doesn't allot adequate space for images or text.
  2. The brand must be clear
    •    Ads should be clear about what brand is, including keeping the logo visible, effective color use and linked continuity.
  3. The ad should fit with the brand's personality
    •    Ads can maintain a brand's established visual and messaging.

One element is particularly crucial: Does the ad reward the viewer? This reward doesn't have to be something free, but could be informational or even emotional.  Inviting people into one of your communities is one approach. Another is to seek  information from the viewer, with no promise of how it will be used.  Noteworthy is that rewarding ads seem to connect because they seemed more meaningful.
While important, the Facebook study showed that noticeability isn't necessarily critical to creative success on the platform.  Interestingly, a high degree of noticeability was not predictive of either recall or purchase consideration.  Given these findings, those who think that bright colors, excessive use of exclamation points and flashy-hype-type come-ons are not necessarily the fast track to social-media success.  Stay in the saddle and ride but watch the ups and downs ... the rewards are worthwhile. 

Pat Dwight

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