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08 March 2016 Published in Blog Written by 

Website Updates Are Essential To Getting Found

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If you aren’t keeping your website up-to-date, you are missing many business opportunities.  Your website sits on the Internet and is surrounded by zillions of others.  If your website isn't 'rippling' the surface of the Internet, it very quickly might fade out of sight altogether.

The process reminds me of sailing away from Catalina Island.  When you first sail out of the harbor, the fun you experienced while there still feels close and you savor it as you head out.  But, as you draw away and look back at the island, you very quickly lose the details and see only the facade.  After an hour out, when you turn to look, the ocean absorbs your attention, and Catalina is just a large island sitting in the water without much specific definition at all.T

his defines what happens to your website if you merely design it, post it and leave it unattended.  That's because search engines watch for frequent website updates; if there is no 'tickles' emoting from your website, it basically becomes invisible.  It is still there if someone has your web address, but the site falls further down the pecking order in search listings, often falling off of page one in your category.  Yikes!

Regularly updating your website incites visitors to check back often to view new content or updates.  And, a real problems is when visitors do find your website and see outdated content.  They aren't sure if you are still around at all, and might in turn look to a competitor.  That's not acceptable.

Add a Web Blog and Update It Frequently

If you don’t have a business blog, you should get one! It’s a great way to update your site—even if you only have time to post on it once a month.  The key is talking about topics that are of interest to your target market and what they’re searching for online.

Blog content should be written about your company, its products or services, its news, events, awards, or other related topics.  Turn your guests into acquaintances who transition to friends.  Speak to them about what will help them, inform them, give them something to ponder or better yet, become a customer where they 'jeep returning' to find what they want or need.

Frequency counts too, but you don't have to overdo it.  Weekly updates will take care of the 'ripples' you need.  Relevant blogs drive more traffic to your website and position your company as an authority in your industry.

Include Images and Videos

Images and videos bring vitality and stimulate interest...and both are great attention grabbers if you make them search engine friendly.

Social media cross linking is also a great way to 'tickle' the airwaves.  Set up one or more social media pages for the company.  Most of them are free and don't require a web designer to set up.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just a few to consider.  Once set up, cross pollinate between them using icons and linking back and forth.  

Don't allow your website to fade out of view.  Regular TLC (tender love and care) will help your initial website investment healthy.  Updated website content assists with better search engine ranking, promotes more traffic, and draws repeat guests.

If you don’t have time to update your content yourself, allow HQZ Experts to help you with the content writing.

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