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22 February 2016 Published in Blog Written by 

Content Marketing Vision for Growth

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Survival in business today is forcing companies to reexamine their marketing approach. It's now time to formulate a broadened strategy and implement a content marketing calendar. In 2016 successful companies marketing strategy must do more than merely go back to the basis.

Nothing replaces great content designed to solve a customer’s problem and talking directly about how your product or service takes their pain away or fills a need for them. But, figuring out who is actually looking for your wares and then engaging them is the real challenge.

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, strategic marketing requires your company to readjust its perspective NOW. To compete against your competition, you need to integrate the latest technology along with a strategy that reaches your target audience windows. Yes, you have heard this same mantra for years, but new technology and hugely savvy consumers have shifted the playing field forever. The reality is Adapt or Lose. Count on your competition to take this approach!

Think Mobile First

While today a majority of companies still design promotions for a computer screen and then “optimize” them for mobile later, this approach has become outdated. Today's busy consumers use their mobile devices instead of their desktop to access almost all of their information including business and personal - because most everyone now uses mobile apps as a default to all of their online exchanges. Using a website blog doesn't necessarily reach those targets you want.

Savvy content marketers are already creating shorter, more visually engaging pieces of content designed for mobile application, not adapted to it. And, this approach draws and inevitably captures leads, not merely enticing readers.

Targeted Exposure Becomes the Norm

As more platforms look to increase their revenue by offering promoted relevant content, they’ll be pressured to improve the way they target that content to an audience. Facebook is already doing it. There are many strategies that achieve this level of scrutiny; your approach should be suited to your target audience demographics and your budget.

Consider ROI - It's Okay

Your zone marketing in all promotional content and setting up ways of measuring return on investment should be standardized. Consider the "opportunity" cost of the content, not just the price to create and display them. The thinking and resulting call to action should be shifted from the vague "pull" to a "targeted goal" such as securing "XX" amount of high-quality leads”. If you get more quality leads, your close rates will grow as a result ... and likely your company will too. 

HQZ Experts can help you with a revised approach to full-tech discipline marketing.

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